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This week I started something new with my Twitter account called Picture Book Party. I don’t think mentioned it here, but in January I took my first job as a school librarian. I work half-time at an elementary school where I meet with six classes of third and fourth graders on a weekly basis. I’ve been caught up in lesson plans, trying to promote classes to come in on flexible time for research, tracking down information, fighting filters and learning the ropes. It’s also the end of ordering season so I’ve been busy figuring out what the library needs, what the teacher needs, etc, as well as how to promote what we get when I’m not there that much.

With new books coming in from orders as well as a number of recent books I was able to get discounted from the Cooperative Children’s Book Center, I wanted to make sure I was taking time to familiarize myself with the school collection. Literature appreciation isn’t really a part of my job, but I need to stay current with more than just reviews for me to feel like I’m doing a good job. I need to be able to press books into the hands of teachers when I can’t always get to the kids. Picture Book Party is one way I can do that.

During Picture Book Party, I livetweet the book as I read it for the first time. I’ll give author and illustrator information as well as maybe a bit on a target audience. I’ll also have comments on the story and action. It is sort of quick little synopsis.

If you’re interested, look for #picturebookparty Monday-Friday on twitter. The first two days I covered four books each. I’ll see if that habit continues. Books covered so far include Other Goose, Cow Loves Cookies, Spring is Here, Camp K-9, Bedtime for Bear, Spring is Here and Sir Charlie Stinky Socks. (Isn’t Sir Charlie an awesome book title?)

Would it be helpful to post the recaps here as well? Would having a more structured review here be appropriate?

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