Sampling Books

I’ve been finding book previews at work, on facebook and on my twitter feed. Here are some of my favorites from the last few days.

The Lost Hero is Rick Riordan’s newest book. It comes out in October and is the adventure of a new group of students for Camp Half Blood. I was so excited to read this preview as I adored the five Percy Jackson books. Go to and enter newhero to read the first two chapters. You’ll be introduced to Jason, the new main character, and run into a previous camper as well.

Half Upon a Time is out September 7. From the preview, it looks like James Riley’s book is going to be a hilarious take on fairy tales. Jack’s stuck on a princess rescue that is going everywhere except normal. When he takes a lecture from his grandfather, the sudden crash landing of a girl out of nowhere makes a strange day even stranger.

Paul Crilley offers up the first full three chapters of The Invisible Order: Rise of the Darklings. Emily Snow is struggling to make ends meet for her and her brother William after the disappearance of father and mother. She is also trying to avoid the attention of Jack Doyle, her friend turned thief. On her way to market to earn extra goods to sell, Emily stumbles across a supernatural fight in an alley. Piksies, giants, Mr. Ravenhill and Mr. Blackmore soon complicate her day.

The Magnificent Twelve is a new series by Michael Gone. Twelve twelve-year-olds have to save the world from the Pale Queen. Mack, who has a fear of nearly everything, has to bring the group together. He has an irreverent narrative tone that I enjoyed. The thing that stood out most from this preview was the one quote that played off Lord of the Rings. “One bully to rule them all. One bully to find them all and in the darkness pound them.”

The next preview is one you can listen to. Cornelia Funke reads the first chapter of Reckless online. Jacob Reckless discovers his father’s mirror leads to a darker world.

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