Book Rambling: The Fog of Gettysburg

The Fog of Gettysburg: The Myth and Mysteries of a BattleThe Fog of Gettysburg: The Myth and Mysteries of a Battle by Kenneth L. Allers Jr.
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This book was written by an associate member of the licensed battlefield guides in Gettysburg. In short chapters, Allers identifies areas of mystery and confusion pertaining to the battle of Gettysburg. He briefly identifies the prevalent myths and the historical evidence that is available or lacking on a topic. This book can be a spur for further research in its identification of reputable accounts. It can be maddening to know what information is not available, such as Pickett’s report on the battle or what AP Hill was doing. Allers showed how papers and people turned on Meade.

I enjoyed recognizing names in the bibliography from rangers and guides I have listened to, though I’ve read little of what I’ve wanted to read. There were two key typos in the book. One was on the year of the Armistead Marker and one was on when Stuart’s Cavalry set out.

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