Book Rambling: Princess of the Midnight Ball

Princess of the Midnight BallPrincess of the Midnight Ball by Jessica Day George
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With the long war ended, Galen is searching for the only family he has, but it is one he does not know. His mother’s sister welcomes him in though her husband needs more proof. The stiff Reiner does give Galen a job working in the king’s gardens. Princess Rose, the eldest of King Gregor’s daughters, is in the terrible position of being trapped by a bargain she did not make while caring for her sisters. She is unable to alert anyone of the danger she and her sisters face.

Startled out of her thoughts when Galen appears in the garden, Rose falls into the fountain and takes ill, threatening the princesses’ position even more. King Gregor plans to learn what has hold of his daughters, even setting up a contest for princes that can learn where the girls vanish to each night. Then the failed princes start dying and a man from the archbishop shows up to interrogate the princesses and lay down and Interdict. Galen takes it upon himself to save the girls from their mysterious plight.

Based upon the Twelve Dancing Princesses, Princess of the Midnight Ball is a sweet retelling where the trouble all started with a queen who wanted to have a child, never suspecting what her bargain could cost.

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