Essential Guide to Supervillainy: Tuesday Teaser 2

This week’s teaser is from Chapter 2. Sadie is starting her new job at the library and has to deal with an edgy coworker.


“Hunter, you’re to give Sadie a tour. When you’re done, bring her by the circulation desk. I’ve some paperwork for her to complete.”

“The nonfiction is overflowing,” Hunter said pointedly.

“Then you can show Sadie how to shelve it later. She’s been itching to try something other than the DVDs.”

Hunter didn’t answer. One of the newer front desk workers came frantically into the back, needing Jenna’s help with a library card problem.

Sadie stood there awkwardly. Hunter looked down at her, his green eyes underscored by darkened summer freckles. “Come on. Let’s get this over with.”

Wonderful, Sadie thought. Antagonism reached in less than 30 seconds.

He pointed to a doorway behind her. “That’s Bessie.”


“Bessie’s the outdoor book drop. When you punch in, you check her. Empty her if needed. After you shelve, you check her. Empty if needed. After you check in a bin of books, you check her…”

“I empty her if needed. Got it.”

Hunter frowned before leading her out into the main library. They stopped at the new fiction display. Hunter picked up a book and shoved it beneath Sadie’s nose. “This is a book.”

“I see that,” Sadie stammered.

Hunter slid the book back into its slot, red sticker facing out. He clapped a hand against the fake wood finish the book now rested upon. “This is a shelf.”

“Let’s assume I know the basics,” Sadie said dryly.

“Do you really?” Hunter asked, the words loaded with more meaning than Sadie cared to decipher.


“Where are the biographies?”

“They’re shelved under 921.”

“Barely sufficient. Where would you find books on gardening?”

“The 600s,” Sadie shot back.

“Where in the 600s?”

“Can we get on to something that matters?”

“You are a newbie like all the others if you think that doesn’t matter. Ignorance can never be beautiful.”

“Will you just finish a proper tour?” Sadie hissed between clenched teeth. “Jenna’s watching us.”

“You have some spirit. It’s a shame you don’t use it.” Hunter laughed. He started walking quickly toward the back of the library. Sadie almost had to run to keep step with his longer stride. He stopped so suddenly back by the emergency exit that Sadie almost knocked her nose against his elbow. Stepping back, she examined their location through narrowed eyes.

“Why are we stopping? There’s nothing here.”

“You were running. There’s no running in the library.”

“Good to know,” she said sarcastically. “What’s next?”

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