Nano Ideas: In Search of Silly

Last year, my Nano turned out darker than I anticipated toward the end. I’m not complaining about the development as it stretched my comfort zone as a writer. It also taught me a lot about how Jeremiah, Elsa and Matthew react to different stresses in their lives. It is the whole timing of writing that darker section that was not fun. When the line between real life and fictional life blurs, I prefer not to be in the middle.

This year I want to find something more lighthearted to use as my Nano. That rules out the Jeremiah Was a Werewolf sequel that I have planned. One of my favorite things that shows up in my writing again and again is the theme of transformation. Sometimes this is relegated to internal transformation, such as in EGtSV. Many times, it ends up being a physical transformation as well. Many of my stories that are in the process of being written or that are sitting in line in my idea file relate to transformation. I would like to do something a little bit different this November if possible. This rules out By Water Bound, which is a quasisteampunk story involving magick and its surprising effects on life in a small town. It also rules out Otter, which is a sort of modern day fairy tale. It also rules out Swallow, which is a book based on the song She’s Like a Swallow, the story the Snow Queen and steampunk.

Ideally, I would write a sequel to EGtSV. Other than some ideas on who would narrate a future story with those characters, I have no idea what would happen. I’m not going to force it, so this is only a dim possibility. A friend would like a sequel to Stickpin and Waddle, my investigative hedgehog and platypus story. This does have a bit more to it than the EGtSV sequel. It would likely involve a kidnapping or two. I know who would be in trouble and who would be attempting rescue. (I am starting to wonder at the number of stories that want kidnappings now. I think I should cut back on the crime shows). Maybe I am still intimidated by the idea of writing a sequel, but I think I will forgo taking one on this November.

That leaves me with a collection of odd ideas that have accumulated over the last several years. The list is as follows:

917 Ways to Kill a Plant – I wanted a robot for my birthday. All Auntie gave me was a plant and this book. They can’t shoot lasers or play sirens.

This story would consist of the many different ways he tries to kill the plant.

Tension Takeovers – World where stress brings on desire to rule the world. Headaches, lack of pain killers, POOF want world domination.

My guess is that this is satire.

Blake Davies and the Rocket Shot – Science child geek builds a rocket in his back yard. A rocket that gets set off by accident by his hyper hockey obsessed neighbor.

The Toastinator – Kid with superpower of roasting marshmallows has to take matters into his own hands.

The most surprising thing to find in the idea files was a two paragraph story starter. I have no idea where this was going at all, but it seems like it’d be a silly adventure/investigation story.

Special Agent Stephanie Patrick Ork checked her belt’s magazine. Satisfied with its contents even after she reloaded her ammunition, she closed it with a loud snap. Her long, brown hair swished in time with the march of her military boots. She’d fastened her flak jacket too tightly, but she didn’t take the time to fix it. Stifling protection and shallow breathing was infinitely preferable to an unprotected moment in the high security compound.

Her partner, Phillip Logan Atypus, fell in beside her as she left the fortified aid station. He pulled his face shield into place over his pinched and weary features. Phillip had forgone the use of the shield carried by the other operatives scattered along the corridors. With his linebacker’s build, he preferred to be seen rather than hidden. It’d taken Stephanie weeks to convince him to wear the flak jacket. While such bravado should garner him censure, so far the risks had only netted feathers for his cap.

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One thought on “Nano Ideas: In Search of Silly

  1. wonderer

    I like the idea of stepping out of your comfort zone as far as themes go. That’s my goal this year as well, and I don’t have a NaNo yet either…

    Good luck picking one!

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