Operation Supervillainy

I will be revisiting the Essential Guide to Supervillainy in August. I have three sets of comments and questions to consider. Most of the comments pertain to little fixes. Others are more overarching. One thing I’m wrestling over is what perspective to use with this story. As it is, the story uses tight third person. I do like to still include thoughts at times. That’s where things get a bit dicey. Normally, I put such thoughts in italics. However, in EGtSV, there are snippets of the guide that are also in italics. It can get hard to decipher what is guide proper and what are the thoughts of my main character. That is somewhat an issue of formatting.

Are there any circumstances where first person is required? When are the benefits of it over tight third person? (Or, for the opposite, when is tight third person better than first?)

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2 thoughts on “Operation Supervillainy

  1. sargemarcori

    I wouldn’t go with first unless you feel strongly about it. Lots of people hate first person as readers. And I don’t think it would solve your formatting issue.

    That said, I’ve written several novels in first, and it can be lots of fun. Sadie has the voice to carry it off, I think.

    The reasons I prefer third are 1) sometimes I really don’t want to be in a character’s head too much. It’s painful. (See: Donte.) 2) In my series, I think it would be weird to tell each book from someone else’s POV. It works with third. It doesn’t work so well with first.

    • I know a lot of YA books are in first person these days, but I know there are third person ones as well.

      I’m not sure I want to be in Sadie’s head all the way. It wouldn’t be too painful, but there are reasons that make me hesitant.

      What I might try as an exercise is taking a scene from the draft and rewriting as first person and then comparing the two.

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